About Me

I am a freelance multimedia journalist based in the U.S. I have been haphazardly traveling across the States for the last two years in an effort to understand and experience more of my country. I like getting into conversations with strangers on Greyhound buses and wandering down streets I’ve never been on before.

It’s been as much a personal journey (How should I strive to live my life? Where is home?) as it has a sociopolitical one, searching for the soul of America (What’s wrong and what’s right with the country? What are our collective values? Do we still have any? How can we bridge the ever-widening gap between left and right?).

Like any worthwhile quest, it has turned up many more half-truths and uncomfortable questions than succinct answers or solutions.

Currently, I am planning a few short documentary projects based on people, places, and issues I’ve encountered along my way.

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You can contact me via email through the form below:


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